Brendan & Lindsey’s story

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A little while ago I made this parquet necklace, commissioned by Brendan for Lindsey. It’s a customised version of my crescent design, and features all the family members’ birthstones.

Brendan tells their story;

‘Commissioning a custom piece of jewellery for Lindsey was something I really wanted to do since our girls were born. For me it is very meaningful to have a custom piece that brings the four of us together through our birthstones. We had been long admirers of Jo’s jewellery, and were excited to work with her because she has such a vivid way of using texture and abstract designs to create striking and harmonious pieces.
Crescent Parquet mock ups
Even though we did this entire process over email, I was amazed at how quickly we were able to come together on a shared vision. I really appreciated Jo’s ability to offer up options around sizing, the stones, and the overall layout of the piece. Her visual mockups definitely helped in this process. I also really appreciated Jo’s ‘’can do’’ attitude, because I know that we were asking for something that is out of the norm of her usual pieces.
Bespoke Crescent parquet necklace
Ever since the necklace arrived, Lindsey has been wearing it daily. We enjoy showing our daughters their stones. Thank you for creating this lasting and meaningful family heirloom!’ 

I really enjoyed working with Brendan to make this piece for Lindsey. It's amazing how tweaking a design can make you see it in a new light. I love how the different coloured stones in the piece have come together - a diamond, emerald, peridot and sapphire.

Find the necklace which inspired this commission here.

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