On my jewellery bench. Photo credit Alun Callender

We make jewellery to make people feel good. For us that means the whole production process - the people we work with, the materials we use - has to be as ethical as possible. It also means complete transparency in how we run the business, to give our customers peace of mind about our working practices.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We are the antithesis of fast fashion. Our jewellery is made to last, to be passed down as heirlooms for future generations to treasure. Each piece is generally made to order, rather than mass produced, and everything is made in the UK. There are several processes that go into the production of each piece of jewellery; having designed each piece herself in CAD, Jo uses wax printers, gold casters, stone cutters and stone setters; plus each piece is worked on by hand (before AND after being set) in our London workshop. This means production lead times are several weeks - there are no shortcuts in producing our jewellery. We’ve chosen small, UK based suppliers for ease and to minimise our carbon footprint. Read all about the materials we use in the materials section.

Jo at the bench. Photo credit Jane Looker

We strongly believe in having a happy and fulfilled team. A big part of this is working flexibly, whether it’s because of having to fit work in around the school run, walking the dog or just because working 9-5 doesn’t fit in with life. All four members of Jo’s team work part time and in whatever hours they like. Babies and toddlers sometimes tag along to team meetings, we all make work work around our lives and as a result we are all very dedicated to our jobs, we love what we do and we’re happy.  Everyone has different needs, we’re not robots and we don’t have to be ruthless to succeed. Which is a relief because we genuinely love  taking time to talk to our customers, helping them select exactly the right piece, and enjoying the privilege of being part of their story.


Team JHW. Phot credit Jane Looker