Ring sizing guide

When buying a ring it's really important to order the correct size for the finger you want to wear the ring on. A lot of JHW rings can be re-sized up or down, usually by about 1.5 UK sizes. Some pieces however, cannot be re-sized due to their intricate patterning or stone settings.

Measuring finger size. Photo credit: Jane Looker

HOW TO work out your correct ring size:

Get your finger measured by a professional! We can do this for you or most jewellery stores will be happy to do this.

They will have a set of rings in every size for you to try. These ring sizers may be slim or wide - you may find you are a larger ring size for a wide ring so it is good to get sized for both options.

The correct sized ring should be fairly easy to get on but less easy to get off.

You may find that you are different sizes when your hands are hot or cold so it is good to try and work out your average size.

Another option, which gives you the opportunity to work out your size yourself at home, is to buy a multisizer ring sizing gauge which are readily available online.

It may be that you know your US or European size but not your UK size. A useful size comparrison chart is available here.

HOW TO work out your partners ring size:

We have lots of customers that need to do just this! Please read our blog post  for some good tips and tricks.