It has always been important to Jo that her business is as sustainable as possible. Responsibly sourced materials are an important part of this. We aim to be as transparent as possible about our materials to enable our clients to make informed choices from a variety of options when choosing a piece of jewellery from us.


All JHW jewellery is made in solid 100% recycled or fairtrade 18ct gold. 

We work in 4 colour shades. Nothing is plated – what you see on the outside is the same as the inside so as a piece of jewellery wears the colour remains unchanged.

  18ct yellow gold – our most popular colour and not just for traditionalists! The alluring combination of Jo’s unique textures and faceted metalwork with yellow gold is almost light emitting!
18 warm white gold – This is a beautiful warm shade of grey. A great subtle choice for almost all skin types it is also a fabulous mixer and works beautifully alongside all the other colours that we work with. A perfect option for blending colours in stacking ring sets
18ct high palladium white gold – this is a striking steely grey colour. Stunning on its own or a great contrast paired with yellow gold. It also works extremely well with white diamonds – a perfect choice for monotone lovers.
18ct rose gold – If yellow gold just is not your colour our beautiful soft shade of rose gold might be a winner. Also absolutely gorgeous paired with both of our shades of white gold.

Recycled gold
Most of our pieces are currently made from 100% recycled gold. This comes from a UK based casting company whose gold is fully traceable. It is refined back (from scrap metal sources ranging from the jewellery industry to industrial residues, used electronic scrap, automotive and industrial catalysts and fuel cells) to its pure form and re-alloyed before use. It has the exact same chemical properties as ‘fresh metal’ however it contains no newly mined material. The gold can come from many countries but all stick to the company’s strict rules. 

Fairtrade gold
Jo Hayes ward is now a Fairtrade Foundation Registered Jeweller. Our most recent collection - Contour, is made using fairtrade gold and all our work can be commissioned in fairtrade gold on request. 

Buying fairtrade gold is ethically responsible as it positively makes a difference to the lives of miners, their families and communities. Supporting small scale and artisanal miners ensures they are paid fairly and they receive extra money to invest in education, medical care and environmental projects for their communities.



Jo uses a variety of stones in her work. Tiny diamonds in cuts that compliment her compositions, add sparkle to her shimmering designs. Beautiful rose cut diamonds are a cornerstone of her alternative commitment ring range. Show stopping gemstones in unusual cuts inform her exclusive range of exquisite one-of-a-kind pieces.

Jo personally selects each and every gem that is used in JHW jewellery, purchased through reputable and trustworthy suppliers. The gems are cut and processed in controlled environments where modern equipment and employment law is standard. This has eliminated problems of exploitation and child labour. Our suppliers visit these workshops and factories and they are confident that the people who work there are treated well and fairly. 

Conflict free
All our diamond suppliers belong to the London Diamond Bourse, which is part of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses and is committed to guaranteeing that any diamond materials used within our industry adhere to the strictly audited Kimberly process. Thanks to these suppliers we know that the diamonds we use in our work originate from a DeBeers site holder and are not sourced from illegitimate or conflict areas.

But to be honest, we want to go much further than simply using ‘conflict free’ stones. 

The Kimberley process does not govern the way in which diamonds and other gems are mined or the working conditions of minors, which can be very poor. This knowledge does not sit easy with us and so we are in the process of transitioning all our gem buying to either recycled or fully traceable ethically sourced stones. 

Ethical gems
While it is still very difficult to buy certified fairtrade stones, more options are becoming available for stones which can be traced to their origins and which are also mined under fair trade principles. As members of the jewellery trade we strongly believe it is our responsibility to push for more of this from our suppliers and this in turn promotes the value of responsible sourcing through the industry. Choice is still (frustratingly!) limited as there are so few registered suppliers who offer completely traceable stones but this is definitely changing as demand grows.

Canada Mark Diamonds
All the diamonds in our new Contour Collection are Canada Mark stones. These Canadian diamonds are mined in line with the country’s strict environmental and fair labour laws. The diamonds can only be cut and polished by approved manufacturers.  An independent 3rd party audits each manufacturer.  This ensures that their processes can be fully verified.

Where possible (which is dependant on availability), we are beginning to change the small diamonds in all our other ranges to Canada Mark diamonds.

Recycled diamonds and gems
Recycled or ‘pre-loved’ diamonds and gems are taken from unwanted jewels and often are recut and polished before being made available again for sale. This offers our clients the opportunity to become custodians of historical stones ready for a new life. There is very little environmental impact as no new mining occurs.

Lab-grown diamonds and gems

Another option that we are able to source for our clients are lab-grown diamonds and gems. This is a great choice for clients who want a beautiful diamond or gem but also want something more environmentally responsible. These stones are chemically and optically identical to their natural counterparts but are created in a laboratory rather than naturally over millions of years underground. They are less environmentally taxing than their natural sisters and also can be considerably more affordable.