Jewellery for Buildings

Thinking back to this time around 3 years ago when I'd just finished designing the Queens wharf sculpture with huge support from my husband & our third baby had just been born! Time is such a funny thing isn't it? The days can be so long and busy but the years do really fly past. Anyway, such fond memories of working with the excellent teams at Millimetre who fabricated it and Future City who made it happen. Here's a look back at the project, in those glorious, pre-pandemic days.

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Real people

Jo's on the people we use in our jewellery photography:

"You might have noticed that I use real people rather than models, in my photoshoots.

The odd grey hair, the odd wrinkle, unphotoshopped; beautiful! So far I've used women in my photos (I do plan on photographing men too), and all of them are in their 30s, 40s and beyond, we may not be what you usually see in magazines but we are very real and that’s who I want to see wearing my jewellery..."

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