Nina and Rembrandt's Story

12 years after their wedding, beekeepers Nina & Rembrandt decided that their plain wedding bands no longer reflected who they were as a couple. When they discovered Jo’s designs - and the hex collection in particular, they knew they’d found the right aesthetic for them. Read their story here. 

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JHW Unisex edit

My mission is to spread joy and design jewellery for everyone to love, whatever their style, age, gender or identity. Some of my pieces have a really strong unisex aesthetic, so I decided to create this special unisex edit.

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Redefining your jewellery

Jewellery is so often associated with a happy event. To mark a birthday, anniversary or significant milestone. 
What do you do with jewellery that has been given to you by a loved one or passed down to you, that just isn’t to your taste? Or if a relationship turns sour and you no longer want to wear that piece? 

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Ecologi - We are Planting a forest!

We constantly look for ways to be more eco-friendly. It's an ongoing process for us; we scrutinise all our suppliers, look closely at where our materials are sourced and choose responsibly sourced, fairtrade and fully traceable materials whenever possible. Another step we've
just taken is to join Ecologi, a brilliant organisation that helps us all contribute positively to the climate crisis by planting trees and supporting carbon reduction projects. From now on, for every £100 of jewellery sold in my online shop, a tree will be planted. Read all about Ecologi and learn how you
can get involved.

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