Love is in the air...

Alternative commitment rings for discerning palettes

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Let’s rock!

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A Family Love Story:

Lucy’s show stopping emerald

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How to care for your jewellery

Check out my top tips for caring for your jewellery. Part of living sustainably is looking after what we already have, so that it doesn’t break or get damaged, will last our whole lives and be passed on as future heirlooms.

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Strength and Beauty

I bring you the gorgeous story of Clementine and the stunning statement piece we created to mark her 40th birthday.

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Redefining your jewels

There are so many reasons your may have jewellery at home that's precious but unworn, here I talk about what repurposing is, and why it’s so powerful.  

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Dominique's Deco ring

When jewellery enthusiast Dominique found herself with precious jewellery that she didn’t wear, she decided to repurpose it and create one spectacular ring.

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Commitment rings

Whatever size or shape your commitment takes, I’ve put an edit of alternative wedding bands together should you be searching for an everlasting ring

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New JHW Gem Collection is live

I love sourcing gems for commissions. However it’s a dangerous pursuit and I cannot help spotting additional gems that I simply *must* have. I thought it was high time I shared my collection of treasures, perhaps it will inspire your next piece. 

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Ecologi - We are Planting a forest!

We constantly look for ways to be more eco-friendly. It's an ongoing process for us; we scrutinise all our suppliers, look closely at where our materials are sourced and choose responsibly sourced, fairtrade and fully traceable materials whenever possible. Another step we've
just taken is to join Ecologi, a brilliant organisation that helps us all contribute positively to the climate crisis by planting trees and supporting carbon reduction projects. From now on, for every £100 of jewellery sold in my online shop, a tree will be planted. Read all about Ecologi and learn how you
can get involved.

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