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The lovely Martha approached me with two very special pieces - a wedding ring that belonged to her mother in law, and later a gold sovereign given to her as a wedding present. She knew she could enjoy them even more if we transformed them into pieces of jewellery she would wear and adore everyday. 

Martha's new Bi-colour sapphire ring

The bi-colour Sapphire ring:

Martha first discovered my work at 2020’s Goldsmith's Fair - brought online for the first time due to the pandemic. She was researching ideas for a ring to celebrate a special birthday and was struck by a bi-colour sapphire ring of mine featured in the show.

After various discussions, emails and socially distanced meetings I sourced Martha THE PERFECT stone - an exquisite blue and yellow bi-colour Sri Lankan sapphire that simply took our breath away! During the course of the commission process, Martha remembered her dear Mother-in-Law's wedding ring and so we decided to repurpose the gold and make the new ring with it - creating an even more special piece.

Martha's Mother-in-law's wedding band




The gold sovereign stacking bands:

A little while later Martha returned with a gold sovereign - a wedding present given to her years ago by an uncle. It had always been on Martha’s mind to add some stacking bands to her sapphire ring - what better way to enjoy her wedding treasure?

Martha's gold sovereign

Client re-purposing sovereign stacking rings

The gold sovereign was remodelled to create three additional stacking rings; two square bands and one parquet. These bands work beautifully either worn together or separately.  Martha now has an incredibly versatile collection of stacking rings. She explains: 'the sapphire is even more exquisite as it reflects on the surrounding gold surfaces. I can't take my eyes off them!' For me that really is the joy of stacking rings!


Martha wearing her new rings

 Useful FAQ’s about repurposing, custom and bespoke can be found here.

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