HOW TO... store your jewellery:

Posted by Jo Hayes Ward on

We want your jewellery to stay looking its best for many, many years to come, for future generations to enjoy as much as you do. Here's my tips for best ways to store your jewellery:

  • If the piece is not being worn don’t just leave it on your chest of drawers gathering dust! Have a dedicated place to store it - in its original box or another padded jewellery box.
  • Don’t store multiple pieces in the same box without some kind of protection between them. If you don’t have a box with jewellery dividers/ compartments or you are travelling with your jewels, wrapping individually in tissue paper will protect them.
  • Be mindful of chains getting tangled in a jewellery box. Necklaces and earrings with moving parts should be stored flat, ensuring any chain is untangled to minimise breakages of the finer elements.

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