Thoughts on Commitment rings by Charlie Giles

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Looking for a ring you’ll wear everyday, for the rest of your life is a huge decision. Even the most decisive among us surely wobble a little.  For those seeking alternative commitment rings, who are passionate about design and exceptional fine jewellery then a JHW ring might be the perfect choice for you.  

Hex commitment rings

If you’re familiar with Jo’s work you’ll know that her designs are really very intricate but rather than being fussy they’re delicate, bold and powerful, which feels wonderful to wear! Each piece is made from many tiny golden blocks, slices and facets all with unique textures, which lends the aesthetic an architectural but also organic feel. Sounds like a contradiction doesn’t it? Once you’ve tried on a piece and marveled at the beauty of the detail you’ll see. 

Contour wedding rings

So what makes Jo’s designs so special? Harnessing the way light is reflected off each miniscule block and facet is the magic of her jewellery; pieces come alive when worn, shimmering like dappled light on water.  Gems work beautifully alongside glistening cubes and patterned formations. Scattered diamonds sparkle in many pieces, enhancing the metal structures with their cuts and colours, while unique precious gems and rose cut diamonds render her one-of-a-kind pieces utterly spell binding.

Tapered square band wedding ring set

Personally I find JHW jewellery more wearable than anything else in my jewellery box and I think it’s because the designs are so original they are completely timeless. Their understated beauty means you really can wear them with anything, and Jo’s fastidious attention to detail makes each piece utterly mesmerizing; essential qualities in jewellery you’ll wear and adore forever.  

Quad square band wedding rings



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