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I work with a lot of clients who are looking for the absolute perfect ring for their partner. Quite rightly, a huge amount of time and research goes into finding the right piece.

Single hex ring

Once a customer has found THE RING, one of the first things I need to know is what finger size it needs to be.
The best way to find this out is to get that finger measured by a professional jeweller. This rather gives the game away though if you're hoping to surprise your loved one with a special ring! Here are some tips and tricks to help:
If there's an existing ring that you know fits your partner’s finger you can sneakily bring it to us or take it to a local jeweller to measure the size. But it is also possible to use some sizing tools to help work out the approximate size yourself.

  • If the ring is perfectly round you can measure the internal diameter. This measurement can be used to ascertain an approximate finger size - have a look at the useful sizing chart at the bottom of this page.
  • A jewellers' ring stick, like the one pictured above in the banner of this post, can be used to read a ring's size - again it is important to check that the ring you're measuring is perfectly round in order to work out the true size.
  • Could you rope in a savvy friend to help? Arm them with a cheeky ring sizer like this one and perhaps they can concoct a way of measuring the correct finger without giving the game away! Note: One of my clients, with nerves of steel, actually managed to measure his partner's finger with one of these while she was asleep – it worked!

single square band with baguette diamond

Important things to remember:
  • Usually each finger will be a different size AND one hand is often bigger than the other. For example, if you're right handed, the fingers on that hand are often bigger than your left. So it is important to be sure the ring you are measuring from fits the finger you want to buy a new ring for.
  • If you have worked out an approximate ring size there is still an element of risk that the ring might not fit. A lot of JHW rings can be re-sized up or down  (usually by about 1 UK size). But there are some pieces that cannot due to their intricate patterning (the parquet stacking rings for example) or due to stone settings (such as in some of our eternity rings).

Contour random eternity ring

If there is no existing ring to measure from, or you are worried you cannot work out an accurate finger size, don’t panic! Why not buy a ring we have in stock that you think your partner will love. This is still a world away from buying a high street brand off-the-shelf diamond solitaire. It also minimises your risk. If the ring ends up not fitting we may be able to resize it, or if it's wildly to big or small a new ring can be made post proposal/gifting. Also, if it's not quite right, you can exchange it and then have the option of creating a beautiful new ring together with your partner.

tapered parquet ring with baguette diamonds


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