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Charlie modeling parquet necklace

You might have noticed that I use real people rather than models, in my photoshoots.

The odd grey hair, the odd wrinkle, unphotoshopped; beautiful! So far I've used women in my photos (I do plan on photographing men too), and all of them are in their 30s and 40s and beyond, we may not be what you usually see in magazines but we are very real and that’s who I want to see wearing my jewellery.

Tam and JHW stacking rings

 Things are definitely improving, with some brands and magazines using models of all ages, shapes and sizes, but it’s not mainstream enough yet. I’m bored of seeing so-called perfect models and it alarms me that this is what we, and our children, are constantly fed, where are the ordinary people??

Tam and JHW jewellery

The way I see it, growing older is a privilege! I can’t bear the beauty industry telling us (particularly women) that we must not have wrinkles, grey hairs, and that the very natural process of ageing is something to be ashamed of, a dirty word. The women (I mention women because it's older women who are underrepresented in the media, we are not 'allowed' to age) I know are warriors, we are hard working, we encourage each other, and our bodies have enabled us to do all of that. Yes we all like to look good but let's not demonise any signs of real life and ageing, that is madness.  

Maggie and JHW kewellery

So here’s to us all, whatever age, shape, size - you are brilliant, gorgeous and perfect just as you are - let's celebrate growing older together. 

JHW Photoshoot with Tam

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