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Art ring  

What is the Art Ring all about? 

Art Ring is an annual exhibition first launched by Tomfoolery back in 2018. Jewellery designers are invited to come up with fabulous one of a kind cocktail rings for the show, which celebrates creativity and craftsmanship. I’ve been lucky enough to be involved from the start. 

Art Ring 2020/21 at Tomfoolery

Tell us about this year’s design

I had the opportunity to use this amazing geo-cut Montana Sapphire and decided to nestle it among my signature hex blocks. I love a mixture of chaos and precision in my compositions – the face of each element points in different directions creating a dappled gold effect, it picks up the light and comes alive when you wear it.

 Art Ring - Chaos Hex ring with Geocut Montana Saphire


Where do you draw inspiration? You might be able to tell - geology and geometry inspire me hugely. I love to create patterns and texture in my work and I’m more than a little obsessed with how to harness light to create a magical effect. 

Art Ring - Chaos Hex ring with Geocut Montana Saphire

What’s your design process? 

My brain works really well in 3D, I use CAD to play around with ideas until I’m happy with the finished design. There’s a lengthy process to create each and every piece of my jewellery - it’s made as a wax model first, hand finished, then cast in 18 ct gold before being hand finished again. I see my designs as wearable sculptures, there’s a lot of time, effort and love that goes into creating each one.   

How would you usually come up with one of a kind designs? 

It depends - often a client will approach me with a particular stone or the seed of an idea for a new piece and I take it from there. It can be a collaborative process if they wish to be involved. Other times I’ll see a stone and immediately know how I want to use it. Every story is different - it’s part of why i love my job! 

The video below documents Jo creating this Art Ring. 

The piece is currently for sale at Tomfoolery London.


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