JHW Unisex edit

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Quad Square bands

Hexagons, squares, rectangles, cubes and contour lines -  I love to celebrate shape and texture, and design pieces that can be worn by everyone, no matter their style, age or gender. 

Parquet Stud

My focus has always been to harness the way light catches the intricate shapes and textures that comprise my designs. I draw inspiration from architecture and geology, as you can see I'm fond of structural formations.

Cube shield ring

Some of my collections have a strong unisex aesthetic, this was not a consious intention from the start, but I've noticed that people of all genders and identities are drawn to these pieces. Just like the fact that often my designs appeal to those with a keen eye for art and design, who previously were not very interested in jewellery at all. I like these tendencies! I don’t believe in labels, but freedom to choose your own style.

Double and single hex rings

Personally I’m not what you’d describe as ‘girly’; I don’t wear makeup, I’m most comfortable wearing jeans and trainers and I’ve commandeered my husband’s coat - but never take off my gold rings, hoops and studs.

Square studs

With all this in mind I've curated a collection of pieces that have broad appeal, into a new Unisex edit. Take a look here.

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