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When Lizanne approached me with some rarely worn earrings  and a handful of other unworn jewels, I knew there was huge potential to create something that she would truly love - and importantly, wear! Here's her story...

Repurposing jewellery with Jo Hayes Ward
Lizanne's original jewellery

Lizanne please tell me about your original earrings

I had a pair of diamond and sapphire earrings that were languishing in a safe. They were rarely worn as they were quite traditional in setting and heavy to wear beyond a few hours. I did not want to sell them and happened upon a journalistic piece in a magazine that prompted me to contact Jo as pictures of her work featured in the article.

Repurposing jewellery with Jo Hayes Ward
Taking apart Lizanne's sapphire and diamond earring

Did you have a vision for exactly what you wanted when you first spoke to Jo about the project?

I had no idea what I wanted apart from the fact I had an abundance of earrings and love rings!

Please tell us about the design process and working with Jo

I made contact with Jo and arranged to meet her in person so that she could examine my earrings and let me see her work. I was impressed by the uniqueness and versatility of her work from the outset and we set about agreeing on a vision as to what would work for me.

CAD design for repurposing project
CAD design for the repurposing project

In the end, I settled on creating four stacking rings which are all different and can be slotted together in different ways or worn separately. I chose to size them for my fore finger and was blown away by the results. They are unique and I can also wear one on my thumb which gives me even more options than I'd anticipated of how to wear the others. This was not my original plan but I love how it evolved whilst I was playing around and mixing up the look.

Lizanne small horizon ring

Lizanne small horizon ring, sapphire single hex ring and diamond double hex ring!
Lizanne full stack! Small horizon ring, single hex ring, double hex ring and large horizon ring - Boom!
Lizanne's new ring set: small diamond horizon ring, sapphire and diamond single hex ring, diamond double hex ring, large sapphire and diamond horizon ring - what a stack!

Are you pleased with the result?

I absolutely love what Jo has created for me out of what was a redundant pair of earrings. And more good news - I still have another earring to remodel at a later date or pass to my daughter to have her own pieces created.

Jo was so easy to work with and I thoroughly enjoyed being involved in the whole process.

Lizanne with her new Jo Hayes Ward rings
Lizanne with her new rings

Thanks very much Lizanne, I'm so glad you're happy with your new rings! It was a real pleasure working with you to create your new jewellery.

Lizanne's new Jo Hayes Ward rings
Useful FAQ’s about repurposing, custom and bespoke can be found here.

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