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Beekeepers Nina and Rembrandt knew they wanted to remodel their original wedding bands, and once they’d discovered Jo’s designs - in particular the Hex collection, they knew they’d found the perfect aesthetic for them. Here’s their story…

Nina, please tell us about your original wedding bands

When Rembrandt and I got engaged, we were lucky enough to be given pieces of gold jewellery by our parents and grandparents.

Family Gold

Although the jewellery had sentimental value and reminded us of precious memories, they weren’t very ‘us’ and so we decided to use the gold to create new wedding bands.

Original wedding rings

Fast forward twelve years, and we felt that those plain bands no longer reflected who we are as a couple and so we decided to look for a designer to remodel them for us.

Did you have an idea or vision for the design of your rings?

We had a design in mind and spent a long time searching for the right jeweller. As soon as we discovered Jo’s amazing designs and found out all about her work we knew we wanted her to redesign our rings, using the gold from our existing bands.

We absolutely love Jo’s minimalistic, organic designs that are architectural, textured and unique from every angle.

We are both beekeepers and fell in love with the Hex collection. Our rings even incorporate a binary code in the placement of the diamonds, which makes the rings even more unique to us.

Please tell us about the design process and working with Jo.

Knowing how talented Jo is, we knew we would be in great hands. We were also very impressed by her design process and how she utilises technology to create her organic designs. We stopped by the studio to discuss the design with Jo - her team have also been great during the whole process.

The diamonds were sustainably sourced which was also key for us when selecting a jewellery designer. Jo has a network in London and collaborates with other designers, which we really appreciate as we believe in supporting our local businesses.

Taking rings apart


What do your new rings mean to you? 

We love the rings! We’d wanted to redesign our rings for a while, and we’re so happy that we came across Jo.
I love to feel the texture of the ring and how it catches the light - it gives me a moment of joy every day and it still reminds me of our loved ones who gave us the gold to create the rings in the first place.

What I also love about Jo’s designs is that some of the collections are stackable, so I can build upon my current wedding ring with new rings in the future.

The option to repurpose your jewellery and precious stones to create timeless new pieces is something we would highly recommend to everyone.

We are super grateful to Jo and her team, we couldn’t be more pleased with our rings.

Nina picking  up rings

Useful FAQ’s about repurposing, custom and bespoke can be found here.

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