Patsy's story

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My friend and client Patsy came to me with two rings - one I had previously made for her (given to her by an ex partner) plus another ring that no longer served her.
Both rings resonated negatively. She knew she would never wear them again, so after some discussions she took the plunge and we melted them down. We set to work creating a ring stack of dreams - what a cathartic experience! Patsy claimed her jewellery back for herself - it’s the ultimate power move and I LOVE her story.

Repurposing Patsy's rings

The new design
Patsy settled on three separate bands - parquet, hex and square, that complement each other perfectly, each with a unique diamond. They symbolise her son as well as the babies she has lost. The rings can be stacked together or worn separately, and pick up the light beautifully, particularly when worn. I know they’ll work hard for her!

As stories go, this one is heart wrenching but empowering. It was a huge honour to work with Patsy on her journey to claim back her jewellery. From past heartache we created new meaning and joy.

Patsy's new rings


Patsy's stacking rings

Useful FAQ’s about repurposing, custom and bespoke can be found here.

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